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Working together Tools

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These tools are added thanks to Lori form Newmarket High School (Canada) - Thank you Lori :)


The Tool  Why it is great!  How to use in the classroom
  • great office package as you can share and collaborate in real time
  • never lose your documents and avoid sifting through multiple copies
  • students can collaborate at home on home computer
  • teacher can view and comment
  • keeps a revision history 
  • I really like using the online survey/form tool to gather information- i use it for self- assessment surveys
  • I used google docs to answer the GTP questions in small groups


  • It's a fun and a fast way to tell if your students have grasped the concepts they're learning 
  • 20 sec on the spot speaking on how the picture demonstrates "the....ie. elements and principles of art" 



Padlet and Prezi 

  • Online Collaborative presentation tools 
  • I used popplet and linot in small groups to gather initial research info about their partner countries 
  • It's a fast easy online way to quiz knowledge prior to testing 
  • Can also use for exit cards
  • Gives immediate results
  • I've used this as a pre-test review quiz


or Timetoast

  • Adds a new twist to the "history of" lesson with interactive digital timeline and graphics- it's impressive!
  • I used this with my media arts class to spice up the "history of early cinema" lesson.
  • In small groups students created a digital historical timeline with major events/inventions/innovators and pictures.



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