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Can you see what I'm saying? Add a sound to your WIKI!


Voice Recorder >>

Curious what language of your other Wiki-members sounds like? Try using a soundrecorder!


Want to introduce your class by more than a picture...? it is possible! Become a Qwipper today!

Example: http://qwips.com/2vhepb

Try asking a question where sounds are involved... challenging isn't it!



Scan this with a QRscanner and your sound wil be played! This is really a cool tool: QRvoice.net


Text to Speech Demo





 Visit SnackTools where you can find free apps to improve your WIKI  


Post a visual and record comments/ stories, etc. Lori form Newmarket High School, Canada uses this as a digital art gallery walk through where students post their artwork and record an artist's statement.  Peers and teacher can record feedback comments too!




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